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Till I Am Myself Again

I transcribed this song yesterday for one of my students. Classic Canadiana. I haven't listened to a lot of Blue Rodeo but every time I come across one of their songs, I seem to always enjoy it. I know quite a few people who are hardcore fans. We played Lost Together at Live From The Garage 15 and it was a lot of fun. The song I remember most from them is their first hit, Try.

Due to the use of the Rickenbacher twelve string guitar, I find that Till I Am Myself Again has a definite Byrds influence. All the little fills and solo are very melodic and really fun to play. The solo makes use of dyads - for more about them, check out this earlier post: Dyads. To view/ download a PDF of all the fills and solo, click here: Fills and Solo.

Here are the chords and structure (click on the image to download a PDF):

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