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The Waiting

The Waiting by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers was one of the first singles I ever bought. I absolutely loved this song and still do to this day. It's hard to believe he's gone. The photos above are of the 7-inch single that I still have from 1981! It's a real trip going back to some of these songs from my childhood and actually being able to play them now. When I was twelve, I could only play air guitar and dream of actually playing a song like this.

This is such a well crafted song. It has the classic pop song structure of verse - pre-chorus - chorus with the all important bridge and guitar solo. The sound of the recording is also so classic. I loved the rhythm and especially the lead guitar tone. Interestingly enough, this was co-produced by Jimmy Iovine.

Here are the chords and structure (click on it to download a PDF).

On a sad day, I find the music always gives me comfort.

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