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Friday I'm In Love

The Cure was one of my favorite bands back in the mid to late 80's. I had all their early albums and saw them play live several times. In 1987, I actually waited all night with some friends outside the old Forum in Montreal to buy tickets for one of their shows. I even got to meet Robert Smith once.

In the early 90’s, I developed other musical interests and stopped listening to The Cure altogether. As a result, I completely missed this song. I only discovered it recently when one of my students asked to learn it. It is a complete gem. It is on the poppy side but The Cure didn't only do doom and gloom. I have always loved songs like Friday I'm In Love, Just Like Heaven and The Lovecats just as much as I loved everything on their album Faith.

This song is super melodic and fun and features Robert Smith's unique vocals and guitar playing. I really love all the little guitar lines that ebb and flow in the background throughout the song, creating that classic Cure sound. One small note on this song: the tuning is a bit strange. The album version is in between the key of Eb and D. To play along with the album version, you can either tune to A454 and play it as written or you can tune to A431 and capo the guitar at the first fret then play it as written. Click on the PDF below to download the chords and structure.

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