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Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden

At the request of some of my students, I have been learning a lot of Soundgarden recently. They are definitely another iconic 90's band. I had forgotten how much I listened to them back then. I was going through their 1996 album Down On The Upside and I was surprised at how many songs I knew.

Although I did listen to Soundgarden, I never really tried to play any of their songs. They are challenging! They use a lot of different time signatures and they seem to like to always throw in a curve ball to try to mess you up. The song Blow Up The Outside World is actually pretty straightforward compared to the majority of their songs, although it still has a few bars of 6/4 thrown in just to keep you honest. I really like the chord progressions in this song, with their twists and turns. Personally, I find that there is a bit of a Beatles influence here, like the part in the verse where they first hit the F# chord. For some reason it reminds me of Strawberry Fields Forever. I really like it. If you are not familiar with this song, it is really worth a listen and it is fun to play. Click on the photo below to download a PDF of the chords and structure.

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