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The Course


The focus of this course is to teach music and nurture creativity through the use of the iPad version of the GarageBand app.


While working with the GarageBand, students will learn about every aspect of music; from the basics like rhythm, melody and harmony to more modern concepts like looping, sampling, sequencing and music production and they will have fun doing it!


There is no other way out there like this to learn music in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. This course is open to students of ages 7 to 107.

Materials Needed

Each student requires an iPad running iOS 10.3 or later with the latest version of GarageBand installed.


Students also require a pair of headphones.

Compatible iPads:


  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro1st generation

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro

  • iPad Air 2

  • iPad Air

  • iPad 5th generation

  • iPad mini 2, 3, 4

Regular Creative Output

From the beginning, students are given regular assignments to use what they have learned to create original songs and compositions.

Rendered as mp3s, these compositions can be shared with friends, family, other students or the world (if the student chooses).

Badge System

Students progress through the course at their own speed. Concrete evidence of the student’s advancement comes through the use of a digital badge system. Each unit has a number of tasks to undertake. On completion of each task, the student earns a badge that certifies its completion. 


As students advance through the different units, their knowledge of music and their GarageBand abilities will increase and deepen and they will be able to create more interesting and complex pieces of music.

Incorporating All Musical Ability

Students who sing or play an instrument can directly incorporate their abilities into the course. They will learn how to record their voice or instrument with GarageBand and add it into their compositions.


Students will even learn how to jam together on multiple devices simultaneously with the use of GarageBand’s Jam Session function.

The creative possibilities are endless.


Sessions are twelve weeks long. Private students can begin a session at any point during the year. Semi-private and small group classes begin when the target number of students has been reached.




1 hour of instruction once per week           - $600

30 minutes of instruction twice per week - $600

45 minutes of instruction twice per week - $780



1 hour of instruction once per week           - $420

30 minutes of instruction twice per week - $420

45 minutes of instruction twice per week - $600

Group (3 students)


1 hour of instruction once per week           - $300

30 minutes of instruction twice per week - $300

45 minutes of instruction twice per week - $420

About The Creator

Jonathan Stein

Jonathan Stein has been working with computers to create and produce music since 1994. He began working with Apple devices in 2000. He is an experienced user of Logic Pro (GarageBand), Ableton Live and Pro Tools.  As an instructor, he has taught guitar and bass to hundreds of students over the past fifteen years. His emphasis as a teacher has always been on creativity, improvisation and collaboration. Jonathan was inspired by the GarageBand app to create a course that would encourage students of all ages to be creative.


"Competency 1 in the Quebec Education Plan for music is “To Invent Vocal Or Instrumental Pieces”. Creative thinking is most certainly a cross-curricular competency that is increasingly important today in our society. Very few, if any teachers actually address this competency in the classroom, especially in elementary school. I find this to be very disappointing. As a private teacher, it has always been a priority for me. Encouraging students to be creative in a musical context is a highly enjoyable experience for both student and teacher. Almost every student I have encouraged to express themselves through music has been extremely motivated by the experience. With a tool like GarageBand, the interest and motivation can be taken to a whole new level."

"It is my firm belief that music education should be fun and interactive. It should make use of technology. This course can be introduced as early as grade 3 and be of value all throughout primary school, secondary school and beyond."

For more information about Jonathan, visit his website:

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